UFOria Vintage Board Game

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UFOria Vintage Board Game

UFOria was invented by Steve Falcone, an industrial metalworker living in Rochester, NY. Ever since Steve was young, he has had encounters with UFOs. These experiences led him to research the long history of UFO sightings in upstate New York and around the world. Steve also experimented with alternative modalities such as hypnotic regression, extra sensory perception, and astral projection.

Steve’s hard work culminated in his board game, UFOria. Through a mix of trivia questions, tests of psychic ability, and imaginative storytelling, UFOria invites friends and family to climb the seven-level pyramid. Who will win the race to transcend all space and time and become immortal? As Steve says, “not a bad goal.”

The game was first released in the early 1990s. Thanks to a lucky accident, several unopened boxes of the game were recently found in Steve’s attic. We’re happy to have the opportunity to offer this limited supply to you.

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