What is Ghostwatch Photozine?

GWPZ is a mini magazine, showcasing written stories and artwork relating to the paranormal, photography and urban legends. All content comes from readers. Ghostwatch Photozine is distributed via snail mail, and none of the content in the magazine is available online.

What does an average issue look like?

Each issue is 30 pages and includes and introduction and conclusion by the editor. Each issue contains several stories written by readers, which could be fictional, or recounts of true experiences. Each issue contains photography and artwork which relates to the topic as well. Each issue will have a small number of advertisements from sponsors, as well as announcements for upcoming events.

How do I get a copy?

There are two options for receiving Ghostwatch Photozine.

First, is to join Patreon. Patreon is a website which allows users to subscribe to content creators for a monthly fee. The Ghostwatch Patreon has three pricing tiers, ranging from $2-10 per month. ACTIVE Patrons are guaranteed early shipping of the newest issue, plus extras.


Second is to purchase from this website. New issues are posted for pre-order several weeks before printing. A preorder guarantees you receive a copy. All you pay is shipping. If you want to receive a copy after its release date and you are not a Patron and did not preorder, a small quantity will be left online for sale. All back issues are currently on this website for sale, and inventory counts are accurate. Most old issues are sold out.

A third option is to see Ghostwatch Photozine at a local art show or convention.

What does it cost?

When you preorder – the magazine is free. You will be charged less than two dollars for shipping and handling.

When you are a Patron – all you pay is your monthly subscription fee and nothing else.

When you order a back issue - $3 plus shipping.

I thought it was free?

This new model is to ensure quality content is provided. The completely free model was often taken advantage of and no longer sustainable. Preorder and the zine is still free! You are only charged for shipping.

I have received previous issues, what do I do now to make sure I get more?

See above for “How do I get a copy?”. Previous subscription arrangements are no longer valid. You must be a Patron or preorder to receive future copies.

I have a story. How do I submit?

Email all content submissions to ghostwatchpz@gmail.com. As of the 10th issue, no content has ever been rejected. This platform is open for all to have a voice on!