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How Does it Work?

The extremely fast readings of EMF levels the K2 is constantly doing is what makes the meter very responsive to manipulations of the EMF fields by potential intelligent entities. Having more than just one K2 meter means that you can monitor more than just one spot of any given area. It also means that you can declare that this K2 meter means Yes, and the other one means No and if you have more you can assign more words for an entity to be able to better communicate with you. Since the lights will start flashing if there is activity it is very easy to notice it from a distance. It is also turns out very clear as evidence if you video record the investigating and the K2 meter is noiseless so it doesn’t annoy or disturb recording of paranormal audio, a.k.a. EVP. The K2 is simply a must have piece of gear for your investigation. And the more you have of them the better!

How to Use

It is super easy to use. Just push the on button and the meter lights up all of its lights once to show all lights are working well and then settles on the first green light, which shows that the meter is on. If the lights start to dim then it is time to change the 9V battery. Look for increases in EMF levels by viewing spikes in the colored led lights. Perfect for use in the dark. It is virtually impossible to miss a sudden increase in EMF level.


The K2 meter is a top quality instrument for EMF level monitoring. Extremely sturdy and portable. Fits in your hand and pocket. The K2meter is rugged and this quality meter can take rough handling and be exposed to weather and keep working. It is a meter to count on. It is very responsive and accurate.


LED Lights
On/off button
Wide frequency range
Fast sampling
Portable design
9V battery